Innovation Spotlight: RxREVU

Today, prescribers make purchasing decisions on the patient’s behalf without knowing whether a patient filled the medication, what gaps may exist in patient care, and whether more cost effective options exist. RxREVU’s solution, RxCheck provides clinical decision making support focused on prescription drugs integrated directly into electronic health records to guide prescription decisions at the point of purchasing.

The Prescription Intelligence Platform, RxCheck, enables coordination of information through multiple avenues, including the FHIR standard and HL7 messaging systems. RxCheck includes patient cost for treatment, historical adherence metrics for similar patients, as well as tracking changes in relevant clinical endpoints for the different treatment options available for the patient, all in seconds. In short, it finds the best medicine at the lowest price.

RxCheck can process claims files to extrapolate drug pricing and patient adherence from historical data. By incorporating statistical analysis, it identifies important patient factors – such as age, gender, and ethnicity – that are predictive of clinical outcomes. Using these factors, ensemble machine learning algorithms are employed to predict and validate clinical outcomes.

RxCheck is a participant in the StartUp Health accelerator, winner of Galvanize-Denver’s Google Demo Day pitch competition, and featured as 1 of 15 fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)-enabled Electronic Health Record applications by Cerner conference. They are a seed level company with a commercial product available. Learn more about RxREVU and their platform, RxCheck here: