Honeywell and Connexus Launch Minnesota Smart Meter Project

Honeywell is partnering with Connexus Energy, a customer-owned electric cooperative in Minnesota on a new smart grid project. $15 million USD will be invested for the installation of over 138,000 EnergyAxis connected meters and its new SynergyNet mesh networking platform. Honeywell will complete the project by 2018.

This smart grid project is expected to ensure reliable energy delivery, providing users with real-time data insights into their energy consumption. On the utility side, the system will automate meter reading and deliver with real-time data on customer energy consumption for more accurate billing, along with the ability to detect meter tampering and outages for faster recovery and restoration.

“Our mission is simple: keep the lights on for our members by providing electricity in the most cost-effective, reliable and environmentally responsible manner,” said Greg Ridderbusch, chief executive officer of Connexus Energy.  “Honeywell’s smart grid technology will help us continue to meet these goals while providing a path for greater efficiencies and innovations in how we deliver electricity to one of Minnesota’s fastest-growing corridors — and how customers use it.”

Honeywell  recently announced another smart meter deployment contract, with 200,000 smart meters being installed in seven cities in Mexico serviced by the Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE).

“The Mexican Electrical Utility estimates the country’s electrical grid loses 13.11% of the electricity it produces, as stated in the 2015 CFE Annual Report,” stated Bernardo Castro, general manager of Tecnologías EOS, a member of the consortium chosen by CFE to manage its smart grid initiative. “For more than 10 years we’ve partnered with Honeywell to help CFE modernize its operations and work toward its goal of reducing electrical losses using smart grid technology.”