Innovation Spotlight: Cityzenith

Smart technologies give us the kind of information that can help us avert disasters, improve quality of life, and capitalize on efficiencies. To help harness the power of this big data, Cityzenith has created an intuitive browser-based and geospatially accurate 3D model. Now, anyone from the mayor to an engineer in the field can find information about a building in real time and generate a visual report.

The platform, 5D Smart City, sits on top of any IoT or Smart City technology stack as the user interface and top-layer management and analysis tool. The platform aggregates all solutions, systems, and data into a single common platform, providing insight into operational issues and service delivery through data analysis and management, presented in a way anyone can immediately understand.

5D Smart City provides functionality in key areas via Smart Modules running within the core platform. The modules collect data from a variety of different sources such as operational systems, IoT sensors, city/campus/industrial databases, historical data either hosted or delivered as static data sets, social media, other APIs etc.

From there, the modules check data against source datasets, highlight errors or anomalies in original data, and correct or report mistakes via the model. They can define a search query and retrieve data geospatially by volume and area. Modules can also combine different searches and analyses into a single display in the 5D model.

The 5D Smart City modules create comparative real-time visualizations of multiple data sets in 3D. In addition to looking at the present, they can generate historical visualizations showing changes over time (past, present and projected).  Users can put the historical and simulated data sets to work to plan for building projects, city, campus, or industrial resource management. The reports provide guidance on infrastructure use, resource requirements, and costings. By comparing actual data against projected data, users recognize deviations and make course corrections.

Cityzenith is a mid-stage startup based in Chicago, Illinois with more than 1,000 users in a beta program, including AEC consultants, real estate owners, and urban planners. They recently presented in the Smart City Challenge at the Smart Cities Connect Innovation Summit in Austin, Texas. The company was a finalist in the World Smart City Awards. A few of their current partners include the City of Chicago, Washington D.C., San Francisco, London, Toronto, Barcelona, Accenture, Microsoft and Verizon.