Hawaii Energy Increases Energy Efficiency in Rental Units with Energy Smart 4 Homes Program

The city of Honolulu, Hawaii has partnered with Hawaii Energy in a program a called Energy Smart 4 Homes with the goal of increasing the energy efficiency of thousands of rental units in Downtown Honolulu. Through the program, Hawaii Energy will provide trained professionals from their field support team to install energy-efficient technologies directly into units at no cost to landlords or their tenants. The program is open to any multifamily property in Hawaii, Honolulu or Maui Counties.

Units in eleven city-owned multifamily property buildings will be retrofitted with:

  • high-efficiency shower heads that reduce electric water heating demand by up to 30 percent. These measures will help reduce water and sewer fees;
  • high-efficiency faucet aerators in the kitchen and bathroom that can help decrease hot water use — and electric water heating costs — without affecting water pressure. These also help reduce water and sewer fees;
  • ENERGY STAR-certified Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFLs) which use approximately 78 percent less energy and last ten times longer than incandescent bulbs; and
  • using the energy-saving Smart Power Strip can help manage energy consumption and can eliminate phantom electrical loads.

It’s expected that residents could see savings of up to $160 per year, and its expected to save taxpayers $120,000 annually.

The program is funded through the Public Benefits Fund, which supports initiatives that help consumers become more energy-efficient. The Fund is collected through a small surcharge that every electric utility customer in Hawaii, Honolulu and Maui counties pay through their bill.