Alberta Announces $28.8M in Cleantech Funding

Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), Alberta Innovates (AI) and Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) have recently announced $28.8 million Canadian in funding for cleantech projects across the province of Alberta. The eleven projects were chosen from 175 submissions from Canadian companies.

“By providing a single window to access funding, Alberta and Canada are leveraging resources to stimulate investment and advance GHG-reducing technologies,” Steve MacDonald, the CEO of ERA, said in a statement. “By accelerating innovation, ERA is helping Alberta be successful both economically and environmentally in a lower carbon future.”

The majority of the funding has been slated for two projects aimed at reducing emissions in Alberta’s oil sands. Acceleware Ltd. will receive $10 million of the funding to develop a radio frequency heating technology, which uses radio waves instead of steam to heat bitumen to prepare it for extraction. Acceleware states that the process can reduce emissions by 50-100 per cent over prior methods used. Acceleware is also developing new, energy-efficient ways to explore for oil deposits. PurLucid Treatment Solutions Inc. will receive $8.2 million, to work on a new process to cool steam generated during oil production and to build and install a commercial-scale wastewater unit. Mariner Partners Inc. has been funded$2.4 million for a software system designed to improve energy efficiency in smart buildings, and Calscan Solutions, will get $1.9 million towards testing pneumatic equipment that eliminates methane emissions. Other companies will receive the joint government funding to develop a range of different water and wastewater systems.

“Working with Alberta businesses on technology that makes our province greener is creating hundreds of jobs and helping diversify our economy. Together we will continue to ensure Alberta is the economic and environmental leader the world needs in the 21st century,” said The Honourable Deron Bilous, Alberta Minister of Economic Development and Trade.