ComEd and Metropolitan Mayors Caucus Partner on Energy Infrastructure

ComEd and the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus are partnering to support the study and development of new energy efficiency programs, smart streetlights, and community and residential solar and other infrastructure projects.

“ComEd and the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus are working to enhance the livability and sustainability of the communities we serve,” said Anne Pramaggiore, president and CEO, ComEd. “We’re nearing the completion of the smart grid modernization program which is producing record reliability for our customers, and we’re eager to begin leveraging the strength of this modern digital platform. We will work together to inform cities and towns about the benefits of smart streetlights, solar power, and other technologies. We will also help municipalities that own their own streetlights to identify ways to fund the conversion to smart LED lights. We hope the lessons learned from this collaboration can be replicated across the entire ComEd service territory, Illinois and the nation.”

The project is funded in part by the Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA) – signed into law last year. FEJA will increase funding for energy efficiency from $250 million to $400 million annually by 2030. The funds increase the opportunities for savings for residents and municipalities, support the development of new energy efficiency programs as well as the conversion of current municipal lighting systems to smart LED streetlights.

“We’ve had considerable success working with Illinois utilities to create energy savings for our member communities, and we expect to expand on this record by working more directly with them,” said Robert J. Nunamaker, executive board chairman of MMC. “Mayors throughout the region are very well aware of the importance of energy infrastructure. We understand what ComEd has done through the development of the smart grid program and we want to work with them to build on this smart foundation for the benefit of our entire region.”