FleetMind Solutions Looks at IoT in Waste Management Organizations

FleetMind Solutions recently published an industry white paper, “THE INTERNET OF THINGS (IoT): Making Waste Collection Part of a Smarter Future”. The paper looks at how waste management organizations are increasingly using IoT systems to monitor waste, vehicles, drivers, and customers for smarter and more sustainable operations.

IoT ‘smart’ technologies are already in use in many cities gathering waste collection data, using sensor technology, monitoring, and optimizing vehicle fleet logistics. This white paper will examine how waste collection can be more efficient and sustainable, how IoT can be applied to optimize waste collection with RFID tracking, sensors and cameras, and how to create ‘smart fleet’ systems that incorporate a model for connected data sharing between the back-office, trucks and drivers to enable route optimization, full management of container assets, safety and more efficient, sustainable operations.

“IoT is all about connecting and monitoring the many elements of waste collection to optimize operations,” said Martin Demers, Business Unit Vice-President of FleetMind Solutions. “The waste management sector is increasingly adopting an IoT perspective. With proliferating IT analytics, cloud computing, smart devices and more, IoT is connecting waste fleet vehicles, information and people on an unprecedented scale.  With tight budgets and growing populations, being smarter about all aspects of waste management is a big priority.”

The white paper is available for download here.