ANAGOG Uses Crowd Sourcing for Predictive Parking

ANAGOG creates crowd sourced information about the mobility status of users. By using smartphone sensors, ANAGOG detects the mobility status of drivers, including where they parked and predicting five minutes before they will vacate their parking space. When aggregating this information from millions of users, ANAGOG provides the world largest crowd sourced parking network with city insights.

ANAGOG technology relies on smartphones on-board sensors to collect real-time info from a huge crowd and to use it in various domains. One of its first implementations is the automatic sensing of parking data to make driving and parking easier, more affordable and efficient.

ANAGOG partners with other application developers to make smarter apps and services that add mobility, location, navigation and parking elements. The mobile SDK is used by dozens of developers and millions of users around the globe to provide 24/7 mobility data with no battery impact.

ANAGOG’s patented technology provides a cost-efficient solution to the huge on-street parking problem in any modern city. With no investment in costly infrastructure, they use the power of the crowd to indicate parking occupancy in every street on every day and hour. Based on the big data ANAGOG collects continuously, they provide smart analytics to cities that allows them to see the parking patterns in every street and every hour. ANAGOG provides insights on the city of residency of people parking on each street and also demonstrates where people attending large events come from. They provide real-time people congestion maps and highlight abnormal gatherings. ANAGOG enhances the city’s services to its citizens and drivers by offering a powerful and versatile platform that get its power from the crowd itself.

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