1776 Startup Incubator Invites 6 Smart City Companies to Fellowship Program

The startup incubator 1776 will add 19 startups from a diverse set of industries this March. The fellowship program – beginning March 22 and finishing in August – guides the companies as they navigate their respective industries. In future, members of the fellowship will have the opportunity to connect with Fortune 500 partners and other organizations that want to invest or partner.

“It’s more about instilling a lifelong understanding of what components are necessary to be a successful entrepreneur in their heavily regulated industries and realize this through a community network of peers and mentors who work on similar problems,”  NYC Managing Director Rachel Haot stated.

Companies in the smart city arena will include:

AeroAnalytics which executes aerial surveys and industrial inspections with drones for construction and engineering clients.

CTY makes Numina, a sensor system that collects real-time insights with a deploy-anywhere sensor that uses computer vision to detect all kinds of objects in streets and record activity trends.

Cubic is designing a network of modular streetscape kiosks that provide secure bike parking, and other amenities.

Dagmy Motors is making advanced electric vehicles affordable.

Re-Nuble converts food waste into a cheaper, highly sterile and stable, organic-based liquid fertilizer for the indoor agriculture industry.

SolarKal is building the a nation-wide network of solar energy brokers connecting solar installers and owners of commercial and industrial buildings.

“We focus on solving essential human needs, so every startup working within our program is working on a problem within our focus areas because these impact society at scale,” Haot said.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, 1776 is focused on helping high-growth startups in the industries most challenging to drive innovation and scale —education, energy and sustainability, health, transportation and cities.