Utopus Insights Will Specialize in Smart Energy

IBM and Vermont Electric Power Company (VELCO) have joined to create Utopus Insights, a company which will specialize in smart energy products to based in Valhalla, New York and Bengaluru, India. IBM Fellow, Dr. Chandu Visweswariah, has been named President and CEO of the new venture.

“The energy industry is at the confluence of disruptive technological and economic trends like the growth of digitization, renewables, energy storage and electric vehicles,” said Dr. Visweswariah. “With an experienced and talented team, field-proven technology, industry partners and a broad patent portfolio, Utopus Insights is an advantaged startup.  The company will bring to market a full-featured energy analytics platform, architected for cloud (SaaS), on-premises and distributed Internet of Things (IoT) operation.  The platform will be built with open APIs that allow integration of third party tools and will include applications that enable best-in-class renewable forecasting, grid asset health and network risk analysis, and Distributed Energy Resource management.”

Through its partnership with VELCO, Utopus Insights will combine industry experience with deep analytics to convert data into actionable insights. The goal is to create dependable, industry-tested software that will be indispensable to the current and growing customer demand for reliable, clean and cost-effective energy.

“Increasing extreme weather events coupled with explosive growth in weather-dependent renewable energy sources led VELCO to look for new analytical tools to ensure grid reliability,” said Tom Dunn, VELCO President and CEO. “When the solution we needed didn’t exist, we reached out to IBM Research and co-created breakthrough grid management software, including the most accurate wind and solar generation forecasting tools in the world.”

“Utopus Insights plans to bring these same solutions to other utilities’ ongoing grid transformation work.  These next-generation tools can enable our industry to continue to deliver increased system reliability and operational performance in an era of rapid change,” Dunn continued. “Utopus Insights will combine an established team of experts in energy analytics and optimization, software engineering and deep utility knowledge to offer new insights, tools and customer savings to grid customers.”