Transforming Urban Infrastructure: Public Safety, Equity and Environment

In 2023, Memphis and Philadelphia initiated transformative lighting projects, focusing on public safety, equity, and sustainability. The Philadelphia Streetlight Improvement Project (PSIP), a major endeavor to convert 130,000 streetlights to LEDs within two years, is set to be Philadelphia’s most extensive energy conservation project. The city emphasized the project’s dual benefits: enhancing residents’ quality of life with improved, reliable lighting and advancing the Philadelphia’s Vision Zero and 2030 climate goals. This move is crucial in light of data showing a tripling in the risk of fatal crashes at night and a University of Chicago’s Urban Labs study demonstrating a 36% drop in crime with better lighting. Echoing this approach, the City of Memphis announced the upgrade of 84,000 streetlights, underscoring the role of lighting in crime prevention. The session will bring together experts, including those from the Memphis Gas Light and Water, Philadelphia Energy Authority, Ameresco and Ubicquia to delve into the strategy and execution of these pivotal U.S. lighting projects and their progression. Watch now!