Thinxtra Launches Partnership Program for Smart Councils

Thinxtra – an Australian communications services vendor – is introducing a new Partnership Program for Smart Councils, and offering it to the first 50 selected councils in Australia. This unique program provides Sigfox network coverage within four weeks at no cost to the Council, to bring Internet of Things solutions to the community. Thinxtra is investing $5M into this program which includes free installation, free development kits for incubators and free connectivity for smart council application development kits for incubators and free connectivity for smart council application developments.

This IoT solution package is expected to aid councils in numerous ways:

  • better maintenance, such as monitoring access, roads, signage, parking, fire hydrants, and street lighting;
  • eco-friendliness by reducing energy consumption, avoiding waste, and monitoring water pollution and air quality;
  • safety by monitoring of hazardous substances, manhole covers, etc.; and,
  • innovation through enabling new tech business, increasing employment and city attractiveness.

Coffs Harbour was the first city in Australia to be granted membership into the Partnership Program for Smart Councils.  Loic Barancourt, CEO of Thinxtra, stated,  “Coffs Harbour, being a Centre of Strategic Growth and having a burgeoning business and innovation centre, was a perfect choice for us to demonstrate how IoT can help boost regional economy and business.”  The installation took less than a week and now provides infrastructure to connect millions of low-power devices, which can include water meters, environmental sensors and asset trackers.

“Coffs Harbour is a city noted for its enthusiasm for forward-thinking technological innovation,” said Andrew Beswick, Coffs Harbour City Council’s Director Business Services. “The SIGFOX network is a major step forward which will make the city even more attractive to new business, as well as helping improve community services and the quality of life for our residents.”