Krakow and Warsaw Introduce Smart Parking Solution from Comarch

The City of Kraków in Poland will soon use a new parking information system that monitors four streets in the city’s center and provides live information about free parking places via mobile apps and local information boards. Plans are in place to extend the system throughout the city center and to eventually connect to other car parks. The system has already been installed in the capital city of Warsaw.

The technology behind this smart parking solution is based on Comarch’s system of 284 wireless sensors and two information boards, as well as the mobile applications running on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. This will enable the system to collect information on availability of places on a 24-7 basis and to inform drivers in real time about the number of free car park places.

Miejska Infrastruktura, the municipal department for urban infrastructure, will be able to obtain analytical data on the usage of car park places, helping the department make decisions concerning the city’s parking policy.

Comarch’s sales director Barbara Waszkiewicz stated,  “The fact that the two largest cities in Poland have decided to have a Comarch system proves that it meets expectations of local-government authorities and also those of city inhabitants. Facilitated finding of a parking space is convenient for drivers and a chance to reduce pollution produced by cars.”