Tampere, Finland Adds Carbon Footprint Calculator to Mobile App

The city of Tampere, Finland has added a carbon footprint calculator to its mobile application. Launched in March of 2019, the free-of-charge app provides access to information about services in the city, including public transport routes and timetables, cultural routes, available parking spaces in parking facilities, an electronic library card, an event calendar, and the Tampere Pass.

The carbon footprint calculator aims to allow users to find a route and check how much their carbon footprint would be affected by using public transport, cycling, or walking compared to driving a vehicle. Users can track their individual CO2 savings and see how they rank against others.

The next addition to the app will be a tool for citizen participation and feedback that will allow residents to participate in city planning and in the maintenance of their own neighborhoods. Residents will be able to use the app to provide feedback to the city, report faults, and participate in user surveys.

 The Tampere.Finland application was developed as part of the Smart Tampere program together with the Stardust project, funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 program and Visit Tampere. The international STARDUST project develops low-emission and energy-efficient ICT solutions in areas such as electronic transport, smart outdoor lighting, elasticity of demand in district heating, and energy production in new residential areas.

“We strongly believe that the city app is a product that will open international markets for Geniem in the future,” said Tuomas Kumpula, CEO of Geniem, the developer of the app . “The first phase is, of course, to scale it in Finland.”