Sydney’s 2019 Smart City Awards Committee Announced

The Committee for Sydney’s 2019 Smart City Awards have been announced:

Best Community Engagement and Social Outcomes Project:  City-on-Wheels from Briometrix.

Briometrix has developed a device to track the movements of a wheelchair in an urban environment. Information about the location, steepness, angles of footpaths and ramps, sidewalk condition, and the speed and power required to navigate the terrain is collected.

Best Mobility Outcome Initiative AND Overall Best Smart City Project: Resilient Sydney Platform.

The Resilient Sydney data platform – part of Action 13 of the Resilient Sydney Strategy – is a standardised, city-wide process for measuring and reporting carbon emissions, energy, water, and waste in Sydney.

Best Mobility Outcome Initiative:  Contact-less Transport Payments by Transport for NSW.

Transport for NSW offers contact-less payments technology, allowing customers to tap a credit/debit card or linked device to pay their fare.

Best Data as an Enabler Initiative: VIHEW Tool by CRC for Low Carbon Living.

The Visualization of Indoor thermal Comfort and Household Energy and Water consumption (VIHEW) tool uses IoT meters and sensors to inform a household of their real-time indoor thermal environmental conditions and electricity/ water consumption patterns.

Best Place-Making Outcomes Project:  Urban Liveability in Charlestown from The University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

UTS is using smart city technology and environmental data to improve urban liveability and engage  the community in Lake Macquarie. The Technology for Urban Liveability Program (TULIP) has installed more than 50 environmental monitoring devices to measure temperature, humidity, air quality and noise.

Best Cross-Sectoral Collaboration Project: Global Jobs for the Future by Liverpool City Council.

The Liverpool City Council has partnered with NSW Farmers in preparing ‘Growing NSW’s Food Economy – Linking Western Sydney and the Central West’. The Council is also working with NSW Primary Industries in examining what a world-leading agribusiness precinct might look like, and how it can provide local job opportunities for the community.

Best Emerging Idea Initiative: Strata Alert.

Strata Alert provides alerts, notifications, messages, and groups for all strata property owners and occupants to stay up to date and improve efficiency.