Smart Vertical Community Breaks Ground In Montreal

The HUMANITI Montreal mixed-use development which broke ground recently is promoting itself as the city’s first smart, vertical community. Mixed-use plans include a hotel, condominiums, rental apartments, and corporate and commercial spaces, with a grocery store.

A local IT company is creating a mobile app to be used by the approximately 1,500 people who will be working or living there that is expected to maximize efficiency and create a sense of community. The app would enable users to reserve and pay for services, such as food delivery and access information about local events, entertainment, and restaurants. Users will also be able to observe their energy consumption, allowing them to remotely control and monitor their heating and cooling systems. Sensors will be installed to guide smart lighting.

Community well-being is addressed with the planned installation of rooftops terraces with a pool and relaxation areas. Public transportation will be accessible, including five electric vehicles and bikes, community-owned and shared between users and electric charging stations.

“The project has two main sources of inspiration: the first is the interaction between the city and the mountain, and the second is the mixed-use possibilities offered by the site. We focused on urban integration: the building occupies a large block, with each rising volume used for a different function. Its configuration allows for an open linear courtyard with trees and green areas, naturally extending Place Jean-Paul Riopelle into an inviting refuge from the hectic pace of the city. There is a fundamental relationship between architecture and the human body: through this instinctive experience, we aim to reinvent the space we occupy. HUMANITI affords us the opportunity to do so and stimulates us to design eclectic spaces that will appeal to all generations,” said Michel Aubé, senior architect and project manager, Lemay.