Seattle Innovation Advisory Council Launches Website for Residents to Track Progress

The City of Seattle’s Innovation Advisory Council (IAC) has announced seven priority projects it will work on and has also launched a new website where citizens can track its progress.

The seven areas of focus for “Phase I” are:

Seattle’s Mayor, Jenny Durkan, said: “We are fortunate to have the most innovative and forward-looking companies and workers anywhere in the world right here in our backyard working with us on these projects. Working together, we are making progress. We must continue to come together towards innovative solutions within our own government to address our region’s biggest challenges, including homelessness and affordability. I am grateful to the Innovation Advisory Council members for their continued partnership and commitment to making Seattle a better, more just place to live and work.”

The Innovation Advisory Council (IAC) was launched on August 2, 2018, Mayor Durkan as a partnership between local technology talent and civic leaders to foster innovative thinking in the City of Seattle.