Pennsylvania Invests $8.6M in I-76 Corridor To Enhance Travel and Safety

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Secretary Leslie S. Richards recently announced the start of a long-range, $8.6 million plan to enhance travel and safety along Interstate Highway 76 between King of Prussia and Philadelphia.

PennDOT plans a series of smart corridor strategies and technologies over the next several years with the goal of maximizing capacity on I-76 and optimizing traffic flow on adjacent roadways. It would also incentivize transit, bicycle, and pedestrian travel throughout the corridor. Construction will begin later this month and is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2019. That will be followed by a six-month testing period. PennDOT is also coordinating with the Pennsylvania State Police and other emergency management services to improve response times along the corridor.

The first phase includes installing a series of Variable Speed Limit (VSL) and Queue Warning (QW) systems. The VSL systems will display regulatory speed limits that can change based on real-time traffic and weather conditions to improve traffic flow and safety for drivers. The QW systems will be used to provide real-time alerts to motorists about significant slowdowns ahead.

The second phase will include the modernization of traffic signal systems along several roadways running near the expressway; expansion of public transit service along the regional rail line; and transforming the existing shoulders on portions of I-76 to accommodate an additional lane, or “flexible” lane, during peak travel times.

“We are very focused on investing in and using our technology to make travel safer and smoother,” Richards said. “This initiative is a fantastic example of how we’re wisely using funds to maximize our existing network and improve mobility in the surrounding communities.”

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