Peachtree Corners, GA Partners With IPgallery for IoT Smart Cities Management System

The city of Peachtree Corners, GA partnered with IPgallery to deploy an IoT smart city management system. The integrated system will allow the city to operate all IoT and decentralised smart city devices from one central control room. The aim of the project is to simplify and fast-track the city’s data acquisition from smart city devices to speed up decision making. The collaboration will initially focus on how to manage and solve fluctuations in the city environment – such as crowd events and disaster response.

Peachtree Corners is home to the Curiosity Lab smart city project, which includes a test and demo track for autonomous vehicles and a number of smart city pilot projects. It receives data from sensors in parking solutions and cameras, on bus routes and traffic signals, for monitoring air quality and environmental conditions, and attached for dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) and Wi-Fi networking.

“We have data coming from a variety of devices and services across the city: from our smart parking sensors, our smart cameras, bus routes, traffic signals, environmental sensors, DSRC units in the roads to WiFi access points and everything in between,” said Brandon Branham, chief technology officer of Peachtree Corners. “Over time, even more parts of our city will become connected, so it’s absolutely critical to formulate this data into actionable insights that result in our leadership team making quick, data-driven decisions for the benefit of city operations, our residents and overall safety across the municipality. Our work with IPgallery allows us to do this from just one platform, in addition to allowing us to protect our larger ecosystem from the cyber threats of the future.”