PayByPhone Locates Parking Spaces, Provides Interactive Maps to Drivers

PayByPhone – a mobile parking solution provider – is launching its Maps functionality in Seattle and the Bellingham area in Washington. The app allows drivers to locate available parking spaces while also providing cities with a visual understanding of parking for better management and planning. The PayByPhone parking payment service is in use throughout the United States and Canada, but Seattle is now the first major North American city to employ the Maps functionality.

With PayByPhone Maps, Seattle area motorists turn on their location services and can see available parking spaces anywhere PayByPhone is available. The service is free and there are currently over 12,000 locations listed. The maps are interactive, allowing users to determine hours, restrictions, and accepted payment methods for the different parking locations.

PayByPhone Maps also provides a better visual understanding of parking for improved kerbside management and future planning.

“We are excited about this opportunity to improve and simplify the parking landscape in Seattle,” said Sam Zimbabwe, Seattle Department of Transportation director. “The PayByPhone partnership helps our residents and visitors easily find and pay for parking from their mobile devices and makes it more convenient to explore all parts of our city.”

According to Clark Williams, superintendent of transportation for the City of Bellingham, PaybyPhone transactions have jumped from 975 a month in 2016 to 25,000 a month today.

“As adoption continues to grow, and with the addition of Maps, PayByPhone gives us more insights to enhance parking operations and improve how we manage and monetize the curb,” stated Williams.