New York City Protects It’s Older Generations

New York City’s Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) conducted a study –  Pedestrian Safety and Older New Yorkers – examining how existing roadway factors contribute to collisions involving people aged 65 and over. It recently announced new initiatives to help reduce pedestrian fatalities and serious injuries among older people.

The report found that over-65s account for 45% of all pedestrian fatalities in the city, despite representing only 15% of the city’s population. It also found that senior pedestrians are not struck more frequently, but their injuries are typically much more severe.

NYCDOT’s action plan includes:

  • the creation of Senior Pedestrian Zones;
  • extending exclusive pedestrian crossing time (LPIs) in Senior Pedestrian Zones by the end of 2024;
  • adding exclusive pedestrian crossing time (LPIs) at all possible intersections;
  • extending exclusive pedestrian crossing time (LPIs) during mid-day for all new LPIs;
  • Creating a Senior Turn Calming initiative and installing treatments at 50 intersections annually;
  • implementing ten or more Senior Street Improvement Projects annually;
  • targeting Raised Crosswalks to senior pedestrians;
  • targeting safety improvements to bus stop locations under elevated trains;
  • continuing to improve safety for senior pedestrians in Midtown;
  • targeting Senior Safety Education and Outreach to Senior Pedestrian Zones;
  • working with medical providers on senior pedestrian outreach;
  • adding senior pedestrian crash data to Vision Zero View; and
  • conducting outreach to Senior Pedestrian Zone stakeholders;

“Keeping older New Yorkers safe from traffic violence must be a priority for our city’s leaders,” said Families for Safe Streets Member Irma Rosenblatt. “Crossing the street should not be a life-or-death endeavor but it often is for those who are most vulnerable. Today’s announcement from DOT to invest in safe streets improvements will help keep all New Yorkers safe – especially older New Yorkers.”