Codedgi Increases Healthcare Coding Efficiency

Computer assisted automation (CAC) reduces coding errors, increases coder productivity, and improves quality of work. That is why the new startup in CAC, Codedgi, stands to capitalize on a market that is expected to reach $3.5 billion market.

Codedgi automates a selection of codes in healthcare. Coders then review results or send them on to the billing platform, saving time on coding and providing improved analytics. Because Codedgi uses a natural language processing (NLP) engine to read and understand providers’ documentation from electronic medical records (EMR) or transcription services, it easily understands and translates medical jargon: semantics, grammar, ontology, acronyms, and phrases of complexity.

This same engine handles rapidly evolving requirements for medical reporting and reimbursement. It is compatible with cloud computing platforms; eliminates interoperability issues among systems; and seamlessly integrates data across multiple heterogeneous, distributed hardware, software and network systems and protocols.

In addition to serving healthcare providers, Codedgi helps auditors in the field in reviewing post-billed notes for compliance and coding accuracy. Auditors are able to log in and paste text into a document for processing. Codedgi then returns results they can process with healthcare providers instantly, as well as making processed notes and outcomes printable.

Codedgi not only improves workflow for service providers but also for healthcare auditors. Learn more about their solution and growth online: