Amazon Web Services Launches GovTechStart, Supports Commercial Government Technology Startups

Startup concept. Businessman touching icon transparent rocket is launching and flying out with icon network connection on modern virtual interface.

Amazon Web Services has launched a new program to help early-stage commercial government technology (GovTech) startups build solutions on AWS for state and local governments in the US. The startups will be focusing on public-sector work –  including smart cities, elections, transportation, justice and public safety, and health and human services.

The program offers its members access to equity-free AWS Promotional Credit, virtual events, mentoring from GovTech experts, and educational resources. AWS GovTechStart is modeled after another of AWS’ programs, AWS EdStart – which offers support to education technology companies.

The company states that AWS GovTechStart recognizes that “through open data initiatives, public safety modernization, citizen service improvements, infrastructure programs and more, governments are turning to the cloud to provide the cost-effective, scalable, secure and flexible infrastructure needed to make a difference.”

While developing the new program, AWS worked with several startups their needs would be met. One pilot member, Prefix Health Technologies, has a state of the art platform designed to support the determination of eligibility for health care benefits and the management of those funds.

“AWS has helped us leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to create solutions that meet the needs of customers at scale,” Prefix CEO Nimesh Patel said. “We look forward to the benefits we will gain by joining the new AWS GovTechStart program for startups.”

GovTech companies who meet the AWS GovTechStart participation criteria are encouraged to apply. Applications should include a plan for an innovative solution for residents that solves a current problem and/or disrupts current models. The program has two levels: The AWS GovTechStart Innovators Tier, intended for the earliest stage GovTech startups; and, the AWS GovTechStart Members Tier. Once AWS GovTechStart Innovators have advanced their business, they may apply to become an AWS GovTechStart Member.