Why Cable ISPs are Best Suited to Power America’s Smart Cities

Municipalities and cable companies are natural partners in the Smart Community/IoT space. A growing number of municipal leaders recognize the promise of Smart Community/IoT projects to expand economic opportunity and improve the standard of living for residents in their communities.
  • The US Department of Transportation reported that nearly 80 US cities responded to its Smart City Challenge in 2016.
  • The Global City Teams Challenge, an initiative established by the US Department of Commerce boasts participation of 200 local governments from across the globe.
  • In 2017, Bloomberg Philanthropy announced a “Mayors Challenge” designed to help more than 300 cities solve their most urgent problems.
  • In 2018, City Innovate established a Start-up in Residence program with 80+ startup-friendly government contracting opportunities from 30 government organizations including SF, Las Vegas, Miami, LA, and Portland.

Given the complexity and cost of Smart Community/IoT deployments, most municipalities will benefit from public-private partnerships that can help bring scale to Smart and Connected Community efforts. Research conducted by Connected Communities LLC supports a conclusion that there exist underappreciated affinities between local governments and cable companies and that cable companies are uniquely well suited partners to local governments in Smart & Connected Community initiatives.

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