Whole Cities Foundation Awards 11 Grants, $165K In Newark

Whole Cities Foundation partners with more than 225 nonprofits in North America to improve access to healthy food and nutritional education. It recently announced that 11 community-led nonprofit organizations have been awarded up to $15,000 each through the Newark Fresh, Healthy Food Access Grant.

These grants, when paired with additional project funding, total more than $150,000 and conclude a six-year commitment by the Foundation which has brought more than $1 million in funding to Newark’s food access and community health initiatives. Recipients of the grants have included community gardens, urban farms, farmers’ markets, mobile markets, cooking classes, agriculture-skills development programs, a SNAP incentive project, and other initiatives that work to advance long-term healthy food access solutions and community health.

“I am in awe of the growth and impact of Newark’s urban agriculture and nutrition education community during the past six years. The momentum and drive of the leaders we work with is palpable,” said Dianna Purcell, Senior Grant Programs Manager at Whole Cities Foundation. “I can’t wait to see what Newarkers do next and am honored that so many have welcomed Whole Cities Foundation to play a small part in their big aspirations.”

The Foundation worked with the Newark Community Advisory Council to review applications. Projects are evaluated by their sustainability and alignment with the Foundation’s mission. Whole Cities Foundation plans to launch a new three-year commitment to the Newark community in January of 2023.

“As Whole Cities Foundation wraps up our current commitment and plans for what’s next, it’s important for us to continue being led by where the Newark community wants to go next. As always, we start with listening and seeking to understand, so we’ve begun conversations with community members. Our plans will be shaped by what they see as the most vital ways we can support their community’s growth,” said Purcell.