Vienna Promotes, Offers Funding For Green Installations

The City of Vienna is promoting a greening initiative for façade, roof, and courtyard installations – with the goal of creating a cooler, CO2 trapping, biodiverse cityscape to fight climate change. The city recently published guidelines for the application process for the municipal funding program, which is open to all residents.

Many studies have shown that an abundance of greenery on buildings will make the area significantly cooler, preventing the formation of heat islands, and also improve the urban microclimate, and bring nature back into the heart of the city. Building greening has numerous advantages:

  • a healthier and more natural environment;
  • better air quality;
  • less particulate matter;
  • more humidity;
  • cooling effect on heat;
  • insulating effect in cold weather;
  • increase energy efficiency and reduce costs; and,
  • façade protection against weathering.

With this in mind, the city is offering funding for green installations, along with consultation on what type is best suited for the building, and what kind of maintenance will be required. Green roofs are funded with up to 20,200 euros (~$24,000 US), street-side façade greening with up to 5,200 euros (~$6000 US) and courtyard greening with up to 3,200 euros (~$4000 US).  

The funding for the greening is available to all residents but must include the consent of the owners or community  and a cost estimate and invoices for the greening measure. 

Climate Councillor Jürgen Czernohorszky said: “Greening buildings are not just a beautiful sight, they are also an effective measure against overheating in the city in summer. The plants have an insulating effect and bind dust and CO2”.