Transforming Communities: Morrisville’s Journey to Smart City Success

In this interview, we delved into the innovative smart city initiatives transforming Morrisville. From the Connected Parks initiative streamlining park management with sensors and digital signage, to partnerships with IoT startups enhancing amenity visibility and waste management through projects like Trashcan Panda, Morrisville is at the forefront of technological advancement. The Smart City Dashboard offers residents a centralized hub for tracking various initiatives, while the Morrisville Central mobile app brings city services to their fingertips. We explored the impact of crowd-sourcing initiatives like MorrIdeas and collaborations with HBCU students on transportation challenges. With hackathons driving gamification features and upcoming challenges like the Morrisville Open Data (MOD) Challenge, Morrisville continues to pave the way for smarter, more connected communities.

Rich Ralph, Chief Information Officer, Town of Morrisville
Michael A. Suarez, Marketing Communications Specialist, TechConnect/ATI – Smart Cities Connect