The Programmable City Project in Dublin Offers Transparency

The Programmable City project at Maynooth University in Ireland offers free online videos from their recent workshops. Topics include counter-terrorism, smart urbanism in India,  sustainable cities, open data, and many others.

The project examines the relationship between networked digital technologies infrastructures and urban management and governance and city life. Case studies that are being conducted in Dublin and Boston are looking at a wide range of factors in the smart city, including the purchase and installation of smart city technologies, the production and use of urban big data, data privacy issues and security vulnerabilities, urban resilience, and smart grid technologies.

Investigators are actively working to bring the results of their research into reality. Members of the team have served as advisors on specific city initiatives with respect to smart city issues, urban governance, and open data, and have participated in their events, helped to organize workshops, and facilitated work programs.

The Programmable City project is funded by an European Research Council Advanced Investigator Award to Professor Rob Kitchin and runs through 2018. The videos can be accessed here.