Tel Aviv Municipal Innovation Center Works Across Israel with Municipalities Seeking Smart City Solutions

The Local Government Economic Services Company – a subsidiary of the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel – recently opened the Municipal Innovation Center (MIC) –  a central hub in Tel Aviv that will work with municipalities across the country who are seeking smart city solutions.

The center will provide relevant data and information to facilitate the implementation of smart city technologies, focusing on sectors including emergency management, cyber infrastructure, and advanced communication systems. The hub will also work in the field of smart transportation – such as innovative urban traffic management, electric vehicle charging technologies, and environmental protection.

The center includes experiential representations, viewing and experimenting with advanced systems, collaborations with leading-edge technology companies, seminars, and educational tours.

The Local Government Economic Services Company was established in 1974 with the purpose of providing various services and solutions to the local authorities – including the reduction of costs and simplification and streamlining of the performance of public projects.

“If I try to develop any smart city application or technology to smart cities in my city alone, it will cost millions of shekels,” said Haim Bibas, mayor of Modi’in-Maccabim-Reut and chairman of the Federation of Local Authorities. “When we work together through the Federation of Local Authorities, we can save a lot of money. We would like to bring technology to the weaker municipalities, to the periphery and to development cities. Even the strong municipalities can’t buy all the technologies, which would cost hundreds of millions.”

The Federation of Local Authorities in Israel is a non-governmental body which incorporates all municipalities and local councils in the country.