Tampa Installs Interactive Kiosks For Community Information

The Tampa Downtown Partnership and IKE Smart City have worked together to bring new, interactive kiosks to the community. The Interactive Kiosk Experience (IKE) will be positioned at strategic locations throughout the city to keep residents better informed and provide visitors with helpful information. IKE SmartCity delivers and operates all aspects of the program with revenue being generated by advertising content, meaning they are free for the city and tax-payers.

“Innovation is part of the fabric of Tampa. From our thriving startup community to our streets, it’s in everything we strive to do,” Tampa Mayor Jane Castor said. “Our city is growing more than ever before, and providing access to information is critical to our community.”

The kiosks are multilingual and ADA-compliant and offer a suite of applications that support area businesses, improve mobility, and provide resources and services. Each IKE is programmed with geographic coordinates so that detailed directory listings can be provided within a customizable radius of the kiosk’s location. A multimodal trip-planning application provides mapping and real-time transit information. Along with acting as an interactive tour guide, IKE provides free Wi-Fi and information on social services, ambient lighting and an emergency call system. 

“We are giving people a digital roadmap of what’s open and where to visit,”said Lynda Remund, president and CEO of the nonprofit Tampa Downtown Partnership. “This makes it easier to find and support the local businesses and venues that make our city so unique. And, after the pandemic, we must get even more creative to help them stay and thrive in Tampa.”