Tallinn’s Innovation Program Selects Top Three Companies to Shape Urban Future

As we previously reported, the city of Tallinn in Estonia is running its Test in Tallinn innovation program, where both domestic and foreign companies are invited to come to the city and use it as a test bed for their innovative solutions to urban problems. The program has now completed its second phase, with three companies selected for participation.

Cesva – a Spanish manufacturer of acoustic equipment and instruments, sound level meters, and condenser microphones – will test noise sensors in the city. Though existing noise maps in Tallinn have focused on traffic noise through modeling, there has been a lack of comprehensive real-time data on noise. Cesva will focus on smart noise management to plan and implement noise reduction activities and assess their effectiveness.

Hayden.ai – an Irish company which specializes in artificial intelligence-based mobility solutions that can detect misuse of bus lanes and bus stops – will work with the Estonian company Signaal to test two new types of cameras, Vector P2P and MiniRack. The cameras will be used to monitor average speeds and bus lane misuse.

“We are delighted to collaborate with innovative companies to explore solutions that enhance the quality of life for our residents and visitors,” said Kalle Killar, city enterprise director in Tallinn.

The chosen companies will work with the city for up to 12 months. The city will provide assistance in finding suitable locations and facilities, identifying the appropriate city departments and contacts required for the innovation projects, and providing access to necessary open data where possible. Applications for the Test in Tallinn program may be submitted at any time.