Swiftmile and APCOA Partner On E-Scooter and E-Bike Charging Initiative

In a bid to minimize micro mobility clutter and advance shared, sustainable mobility, Swiftmile, a specialist in micro mobility charging, is partnering with the parking operator, APCOA, to bring e-scooter and e-bike charging to urban parking garages. The partnership is a major element of APCOA’s new Urban Hubs initiative, which reimagines urban parking garages as technology-forward ecosystems for electrification, multimodal travel, and last-mile logistics. The city of Stuttgart in Germany  will be a showcase city for adapting parking infrastructure to support the shift towards micro mobility.

“There are emerging opportunities around the globe to repurpose car parking infrastructure for the new era of urban transport, and we’re honored to partner with APCOA to lead this trend in Germany,” says Swiftmile CEO Colin Roche. “These strategically-placed Swiftmile stations will help grow sustainable modeshare in Stuttgart, and we’re eager to continue this work across other APCOA markets.”

Charging stations have been installed in four APCOA parking garages throughout Stuttgart, with plans to expand to 10 or more locations this fall. The first user of the charging stations will be micro mobility operator TIER, which already hosts its battery swap kiosks for e-scooters in APCOA garages. TIER will use the Swiftmile stations to directly recharge its local fleet of 1,500 e-scooters, providing multimodal travel for APCOA parking patrons.

“The innovative charging stations from Swiftmile are another element in the development of a decentralized charging network in Stuttgart,” says Anna Lauffer, Regional Manager Southern Germany at TIER. “Thanks to the cooperation with APCOA and Swiftmile at the Urban Hubs, we can enable a convenient switch from cars to e-scooters for the last mile.”