St. Pete Beach, FL Upgrades To Smart Parking Kiosks

The City of St. Pete Beach, FL has been working for some time with the Flowbird Group to provide parking kiosks for its residents and many visitors. It recently upgraded its kiosks to better represent the city, while also providing improved services.

The city’s 35 Flowbird kiosks have been upgraded with 9” full-color touch screen displays and have been custom wrapped with a blue and teal colored design that reflects the city’s brand and welcoming message. At the same time, the Flowbird App is being introduced. The parking payment app enables visitors to find and pay for parking at the kiosks, or with pay-by-cell technology. Users can opt-in to receive text notifications when their parking session is about to expire and extend their time remotely. The app is GPS-enabled which allows users to search for the nearest city parking lot and select their parking location without manually inputting a zone code.

“We are making changes in an effort to ensure a great experience for our beach-goers”, said Michelle Gonzales, Community Development Director for the City of St. Pete Beach, “Using technology to improve parking was a must for us. Flowbird kiosks provide that frictionless experience we wanted for our visitors so they could spend less time paying for parking and more time enjoying our beaches. The wraps are beautiful and functional. It’s a small detail, but it upholds our branding and contributes to the continuation of our reputation as the best beach in the nation.”

Flowbird’s data hub will aggregate all parking activity information from Flowbird pay stations, the Flowbird mobile app, and 3rd party mobile apps to provide city staff with complete data.

“In the past, busy beach times meant waiting to pay. No one enjoys that. Our new parking kiosks were designed for ease and speed. If there are people ahead in line to pay, go mobile. It’s a terrific option that improves the beach-going, shopping, and dining experiences for everyone who comes to St. Pete Beach.”, said Peyt Dewar, Code and Parking Enforcement Manager for the City of St. Pete Beach.