St. Paul and Minneapolis Launch Renewable On-Street EV Charging Points

The cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, MN are launching a network of 100% renewably powered on-street electric vehicle (EV) charging points. The new charging points will be able to be used by both private EVs, as well vehicles used in the new, publicly operated, community Evie Carshare service. When all 70 EV Spot Charging locations are installed and activated, it will increase the number of public charging ports in the Twin Cities by 50%.

The EV Spot Network aims to fulfill a growing need for public charging infrastructure to support electric vehicle owners who cannot charge at home, drivers who need to charge during the workday, and commuters and visitors from out of town. It is a public-private partnership that includes renewable electric infrastructure provided by Xcel Energy, a carshare fleet leased by the City of Saint Paul, and Evie Carshare operated by local non-profit HourCar. The curbside EV Spots are located within a 35-square-mile (~90.65 sq km)  service area in Saint Paul and Minneapolis. 

Members of Evie Carshare will be able to pick up a car, drive to their destination, and park on the street within the home area or at an EV Spot for charging. Initially, the Evie Carshare fleet will be 101 cars, with plans for an eventual total fleet size of 171 electric vehicles. Its rate structure includes a qualified low-income plan, and full-price options claim to be approximately half the cost of other one-way car share services charges found elsewhere in the US.

“This network of chargers and carshare is here to support electric vehicle usage for all residents and visitors. With a robust charging infrastructure, Saint Paul and Minneapolis will be a welcoming place for people driving EVs and those who need a convenient way to get around town,” said Sean Kershaw, director of the City of Saint Paul Public Works.