Smart Robots Help Seoul, Korea’s Botanic Park Visitors

The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) has introduced a smart robot service at the Seoul Botanic Park to provide information to visitors. Called Robotanic, the autonomous bot also aims to increase visitor security and create a safer park environment.

Three Robotanic units will roam around popular areas in the Park, one indoors in the greenhouse and two outdoors in the gardens. They will provide information on the park and plants via both live (online) and recorded (offline) video commentary. The service is also available twice a day on Fridays for group tours. 

The outdoor Robotanics will patrol the gardens 24/ , acting as security bots to increase visitors’ safety and park security. They will monitor the park via live footage, which will be sent to a control center to alert personnel when it detects problematic situations. They will also roam the park to make announcements, such as last calls before the park closes.

The Gongju National Museum and National Assembly Museum in South Korea also use robots to enhance visitors’ experience. The LG CLOi GuideBot “Qi” by

LG Electronics Inc. was deployed at both museums this year to provide cultural commentary, directions, and information. They use sign language commentary and subtitles to improve communication for visitors with poor hearing abilities, and dedicated routes are provided for visitors with wheelchairs or strollers. They also offer childrens’ activities, such as games using touch, quizzes, and pattern matching. 

The city has plans to increase its use of Robotanic bots by incorporating them in various park operations to further provide enhanced smart services.