Smart Parking Utilizing LoRaWAN Technology

Arlington County, VA is in its first year of a three-year smart parking pilot that uses LoRaWAN connections to sensors embedded in the pavement at metered parking spaces. With the use of this smart parking technology, the county aims to help drivers quickly and efficiently find available on-street parking, improve the overall safety in the area, and help lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The county selected eleven-x to provide its  eXactpark smart parking solution. eleven-x embedded approximately 5,000 of its SPS-X sensors in all on-street parking stalls around the central commercial district. The SPS-X sensors utilize multiple technologies to provide 99.5% accuracy. eXactpark’s is also integrated with pay meters to enable dynamic pricing initiatives, a key requisite for the county. This will help the county achieve desired parking and stall availability targets, helping improve traffic congestion, and better address parking issues. The system will be able to identify key parking trends such as: occupancy/use patterns; underutilized parking spaces; hot spot indicators; and more. 

As the pilot project progresses, the county will test how pricing affects demand for low-use or high-use parking areas and the smartphone apps with mapping information will become available.

“Many people do not realize the wide-ranging, positive impact a frictionless parking experience can have on a community and local businesses,” said Dan Mathers, CEO of eleven-x. “By improving the parking experience and reducing traffic congestion, Arlington County will be able to increase mobility, encourage more visits to the commercial corridor, advance public safety, and help lower GHG emissions. We are thrilled to work with the progressive, innovative team at the County to roll-out our comprehensive eXactpark solution for the public benefit.”