Sioux Falls, South Dakota Is Making Food More Accessible

The city of Sioux Falls, South Dakota has plans to create a coalition aimed at expanding food access within the city.  According to the city, the Sioux Falls Urban Agriculture Coalition will also “support sustainable, economic, and educational opportunities involving urban agriculture and innovative technologies in urban farming within Sioux Falls.” 

The city will partner with the South Dakota Department of Health’s Child and Family Services, Minnehaha Conservation District, Fruit of the Coop, Tillford Rye Farm, IronFox Farm, and Dakota Rural Action. A public meeting is planned to share information on the coalition, such as why a coalition is needed, what the group will look like, and what its goals will be.

“Growing our own food is one tool we have to fight challenges in food access priority areas,” said Public Health Prevention Coordinator Shelby Kommes in the release. “Urban agriculture can be used to get nutritious foods into the hands of our community members.”

The city views urban agriculture as a key effort toward creating sustainability.

“Urban food is at the nexus of sustainability,” said Holly Meier, Sustainability Coordinator for the city of Sioux Falls. “It leads to economic, social, and environmental benefits for Sioux Falls by supporting local growers and jobs, improving food access and a sense of community, and reducing emissions from the transport of food while connecting us to nature in urban life. It’s just really a win-win-win for our community. It helps address food access, which is an increasing priority … it helps support local businesses. It protects our environment in a number of ways. It helps us be an even more vibrant community.”