Singapore Moves Toward Sustainable Transportation

Cities around the world are piloting electric vehicle (EV) charging projects to support and promote the use of EV’s and their climate goals.

In support of Singapore’s Green Plan 2030, its Land Transport Authority (LTA) has authorized Gogoro to conduct a pilot to trial its battery swapping services for electric two-wheelers. Jardine Cycle & Carriage will distribute Gogoro’s electric scooters in the city/state and install the battery swapping infrastructure. The battery swapping pilot will include Gogoro Smartscooters, Gogoro GoStation battery swap stations, and Gogoro smart batteries. The Gogoro Network is currently compatible with 10 different vehicle brands

Horace Luke, Chief Executive Officer of Gogoro said, “Cities are in desperate need of sustainable transportation solutions, not just for consumers, but for businesses. Gogoro battery swapping provides a sustainable path for urban fleets that is safe, reliable, scalable, and always available.”

L-Charge – a UK-based company that produces ultra-fast off-grid EV charging solutions – has started field trials of its mobile electric vehicle (EV) charging service in London. Its mobile EV charging truck is fitted with a mini-power station that uses liquefied natural gas (LNG) and hydrogen fuels to produce electricity onboard. The truck travels around the city and can be called to a convenient location when needed via the L-Charge app. There, it provides ultra-fast charging for EV users, taking just 15–25 minutes to charge a vehicle from 0% to 80%.

Previously, L-Charge conducted a road tour through Europe to measure the mobile charging demand in cities that have a lack of an EV charging infrastructure. While on the tour, the company polled EV users and found that only 34% of EV owners are completely satisfied with the existing charging network.

Bolt has partnered with Swobbee’s e-scooter battery charging stations in Berlin, Germany. Currently, Bolt is required to collect batteries and bring them back to its central warehouse for recharging. In the pilot project, Bolt will test Swobbee’s charging products on its e-scooters, so that the company can use e-cargo bikes and Swobbee stations to keep the fleet charged. The partnership expects to extend to other German cities in the next few months.

Thomas Duscha, CEO of Swobbee, said, “We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Bolt, Europe’s largest micro mobility provider, with a first pilot project in Berlin. This partnership is another important step towards decentralization and decarbonising micro mobility operations, creating greener, more livable cities for everyone. We look forward to seeing the results of the pilot and hope to expand the partnership to other German and European cities in the future.”