Shedding Light On Dark Skies: The Rise of Intelligent Illumination

In an era where light pollution is a growing concern, sustainable communities increasingly embrace the power of smart lighting to minimize their impact on the night sky. By adopting dark sky-friendly lighting practices, communities not only reduce light pollution but also save energy and create more livable spaces without compromising public safety. Innovations in LEDs like warmer CCTs (cooler color temperatures) and smart lighting technologies allow for more precise control over when and how light is emitted, reducing unnecessary illumination.

In this webinar, viewers will discover more about:

  • The latest advancements in LED and smart lighting technology
  • Importance of maintaining night sky and environmental responsibility
  • Balancing dark-sky initiatives with public safety concerns.
  • Current dark sky-friendly programs and resources.

Tim Brothers, Observatory Manager and Technical Instructor, MIT
Keith Chinchar, VP of Sales, U.S. and Canada, Ubicquia
Chelsea Collier, Editor-at-Large, Smart Cities Connect Media & Research (moderator)
Paul Vesel, Intelligent Infrastructure Director, RTE Energy Solutions