Seoul, Korea’s Subway App Goes Multilingual

The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) in Korea has launched an English language-based subway app for foreign residents and visitors. ‘Seoul Subway’ provides customized services on Seoul Metro, such as: information on the entire subway lines of Seoul and the capital area; a real-time timetable; location-based guidance; how to purchase transport cards; and station directions.

With the new app, users are able to more easily trace a route from their departure station to where they want to go. As the app was developed based on a destination-oriented system, the users’ current location is automatically recognised as the departure station when they begin their route search. Users only need to insert the destination to which they are heading in order for the closest station to be identified. Tapping on a specific transfer station on a map allows users to check the real-time train operation time of that station, and confirm the times of any train they need for the transfer.

The app can also guide users to the direction of the train they should board. When they turn on the app upon reaching a subway platform, it detects their location and informs them of the correct direction. Also, if a passenger accidentally gets on the wrong train at a transfer station, the app will alert them that they have deviated from the course. It can also warn them of the level of congestion in each car of the train.

The app automatically guides the user to specific locations, but will also allow users to find tourist attractions around certain stations. The Seoul Subway app is available via the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).