Seoul Announces Customized Tourist Passes for Unlimited Eco-Friendly Transit Access

Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) in Korea is introducing customized tourist passes for eco-friendly transportation options within the city. The new cards will provide visitors with unlimited access to Seoul’s extensive public transportation network, which includes trains and buses, as well as public bicycles.

The Climate Card Tourist Pass prices are 5,000 KRW (~US$3.65) for a one-day pass, 8,000 KRW (~US$5.85)for a two-day pass, 10,000 KRW (!US$7.30) for a three-day pass, and 15,000 KRW (~US$11) for a five-day pass. For locals, it currently costs 65,000 won (~US$47.60) per month for unlimited access to trains, buses and public bicycles, and 62,000 won (~$US45.40) without the bike-sharing service,

The cards will be available to international tourists and short-stay Korean visitors to Seoul, and can be purchased in multiple locations, including convenience stores. The tourist pass users will also be able to receive the same discounts for cultural and performance events that are applied to the existing Climate Card program, including half price admission to the Seoul Science Centre and Seoul Grand Park.

SMG also plans to expand the card’s services in October of 2024 by integrating a water bus service along the Han River called the “Hangang River Bus.” Seoul is the first city in Korea to introduce unlimited short-term transportation passes for visitors. 

“We will do our best to help Seoul consolidate its status as a global city of attraction,” said Yoon Jong-jang, head of Seoul’s urban transportation department.