Scranton, PA Optimizes Solid Waste and Recycling Routes With Rubicon Software

The City of Scranton, PA has entered into a three-year smart city partnership with Rubicon Technologies – a provider of software-based solutions for waste and recycling. The City’s goal is to digitize operations and gather and analyze real-time data in order to optimize its recurring solid waste and recycling routes.

“The City of Scranton has committed to transforming its government operations during the past few years and we are thrilled to play a role in helping the City’s leadership execute on its vision to deliver better, faster, and more affordable core public services,” said Michael Allegretti, Chief Strategy Officer at Rubicon. “Scranton demonstrates that cities of any size can be a part of the smart city movement and benefit from the gains delivered by innovative technology partnerships.”

Rubicon’s RUBICONSmartCity™ suite of software includes a mobile app, an onboard data collection device, and a web-based portal. The portal will collect data and analytics to provide the city with route updates, daily reporting, and operational insights that are expected to result in more efficient operations, improved service for citizens, and critical cost savings. RubiconPro will be provided at no charge to help private waste and recycling haulers deliver improved customer service to commercial and residential customers through a similar feature set.

“Rubicon’s smart city technology will drive meaningful progress within Scranton’s public works operations,” said Paige Cognetti, Mayor of Scranton. “Digitizing our operations has been a long time coming, and we look forward to working with Rubicon to utilize the data and insights that these processes will reveal, generating opportunities for greater efficiencies in our overall daily workflow and service delivery for our residents.”