Saratoga Springs RFP for Parking Solutions Indicates Smart Parking Priorities

The city of Saratoga Springs, NY recently issued a request for proposals (RFP) for solutions for its parking problems. The city is seeking to net the maximum financial benefit possible, balanced with sustaining downtown business vitality and efficient traffic management. The Smart Parking Management Strategy & Implementation RFP includes specific technology requirements, and requests financial models with options, a phased approach to paid parking, a commitment to reinvestment revenues into parking infrastructure, and an overall study to assess the city’s immediate and long-term needs.

“The parking consultant/management team shall study and design creative options and alternatives for new smart parking technologies that achieve the city’s goals and objectives. The team shall then help the city arrive at a consensus,” the RFP states.

Guiding principles of the parking task force include:

  • parking is a key ingredient for keeping the downtown economically viable;
  • parking needs to be a partnership between the public and private sectors;
  • parking has to meet the needs of a diverse groups of interest;
  • parking has to be well-managed;
  • parking has to be integrated into the overall transportation system;
  • parking is not necessarily free and an equitable solution needs to be found;
  • parking needs to utilize the most up to date technology;
  • new parking has to be sensitively designed and located; and,
  • refresh and maintain existing parking, promote “safe” parking.

“It’s 2018 and time to leverage new technologies with creative solutions to solve long standing transit and parking issues in our city,” finance commissioner Michele Madigan said. “Our goal is to offer residents and visitors an experience that uses technology to move people through our city with ease, park, and enjoy our many city amenities. We’re working toward being a smart city, and connected parking solutions brings us one step closer to that goal.”