San Diego Gets Ahead of Environmental Threats

The City of San Diego has launched a dashboard to track environmental threats, such as flooding and wildfires. In the past few years, San Diego has faced such threats, which have presented numerous occasions that required City staff to monitor conditions throughout the region with real-time information. The new San Diego Hazard Dashboard is accessible online and is designed to give City staff a common operating overview of current weather conditions, potential environmental threats, and emerging information about regional incidents. It is linked to the City of San Diego website and was developed by the City’s Office of Emergency Services (OES), working with the city’s Department of Information Technology.

“The San Diego Hazard Dashboard is intended to provide regional information and situational awareness about real-time conditions and incidents or emergencies that pose threats to people and property,” said Christopher Heiser, OES executive director. “It provides vetted information and links to public information from local authorities.”

Dashboard users can click through a list of options to view current hazards and potential risks, including those from: earthquakes; power outages; traffic maps; current weather conditions and radar; state water resources; social media feeds; and more.

The Hazard Dashboard will provide emergency personnel with access to data from many sources to coordinate preparedness and response. It is not intended to provide direction or emergency instructions directly to the public, who are instead directed to follow the guidance of local law enforcement during an emergency, especially regarding emergency actions and evacuations.