E-Scooters Now Have Designated Parking In Pensacola, Fl

The City of Pensacola, FL’s Shared Micro Mobility Pilot Program is now requiring all shared e-scooter users who are ending trips in the downtown core to park in designated e-scooter parking corrals. Pensacola currently has operating agreements with the shared electric scooter company, Veo. The city states that the new regulations were adopted based on community feedback received during the city’s micro mobility pilot program.

Riders can use their VEO app or the Required Parking Zone Map to find where the new required parking is located. The Required Parking Zone outlines the area where parking in designated corrals is required. The city has worked to ensure that the parking corrals are easily identifiable by marking them with an “E-Scooter Parking” decal, striping, and/or posts. Shared e-scooter users who are outside of the downtown core and not in the Required Parking Zone may continue to park freely, but are still required to park responsibly on sidewalks, while maintaining at least a 4-foot pedestrian path.

Earlier this year,  new decals were installed on several sidewalks throughout the city to reinforce the “no sidewalk riding” rule. Violations of the parking and/or sidewalk  ordinances may result in a written citation with a $150 penalty.

Restricting shared mobility devices has become increasingly common in cities around the world, and has led to some controversy. On one hand, cities point out the danger and unsightliness of mobility devices being abandoned on sidewalks, while studies have shown that micro mobility restrictions can reduce their usage, leading to an increase of pollution if people travel by car instead.