Peachtree Corners Tests 100 Teleoperated e-Scooters

The City of Peachtree Corners, GA is testing a fleet of 100 teleoperated e-scooters to be available for public use. Go X and Tortoise worked with The Curiosity Lab to create the project. Go X created the scooter and ride hailing app, and Tortoise created the remote repositioning system. Using the Go X app, customers can put in a request for a scooter, and within minutes, a remote-controlled scooter will arrive at the pickup spot, ready to be ridden. The scooters use training wheels to maintain balance during their trip, and a team of Go X operators are on hand in case a scooter runs into any obstacles, loses power, or gets knocked over en route.

The project has two areas of focus:

  • Peachtree Corners recently passed an ordinance mandating that all shared micro-mobility devices deployed are capable of automated repositioning to increase the accessibility of shared e-scooters, while avoiding the sidewalk clutter challenges that have plagued other cities; and,
  • providing an alternative form of transportation to public transit ride-sharing as regions begin to reopen from COVID-19 lock downs.

Go X has created a sanitation process that ensures scooters are cleaned prior to each rider. Each vehicle is thoroughly disinfected upon being remotely re-positioned to a home base, and every Go X Apollo employee is required to pass a daily Covid-19 health check. Each scooter also gets a sticker that shows that it was thoroughly disinfected, and that it is free of Covid-19.

“I am excited that we get to introduce the safest transportation solution for the post-COVID-19 world,” says Go X CEO Alexander Debelov. “While we made getting a scooter as magical and easy as ordering an Uber or Lyft car, we also went above and beyond to make sure that our vehicles provide the most virus-free ride out there.”