PathPilot Deploys In Oslo, Geo-Fences E-Scooters

Source: Voi

Shared micro mobility operator Voi – which runs e-scooters in Norway’s capital city of Oslo – has partnered with Drover AI to deploy its PathPilot technology. PathPilot uses machine-learning and computer vision to identify whether an e-scooter is illegally running on a sidewalk, road, or cycle path.  This geo-fencing capability is expected to help local authorities better control how and where scooters are ridden and parked.

Along with detecting illegal usage, the system can alert the rider of their transgressions and even slow them to a stop as it can be linked directly to an e-scooter’s motor. The PathPilot also has the ability to train its parking algorithm to spot if a scooter is parked correctly. Once a scooter slows below a defined threshold speed, PathPilot transitions to its parking validation mode. It validates parking in three ‘good’ categories: within a designated parking corral, within ~2ft of a curb edge, and within ~2ft of bike racks. The system is able to function without feedback from external sensors or precise GPS.

Initially, PathPilot will be installed on hundreds of the more than 2000 e-scooters Voi runs in Oslo. Potential fines for infractions will be decided by the city itself. Voi also intends to use its partnership with Drover to build a record of where and how scooters are being ridden. PathPilot will automatically deliver data on fleet use or rider behavior, which Voi says it can share with Oslo City Council to help improve the service. 

Alex Nesic, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer at Drover AI, stated, “It’s clear that micromobility has a key role to play in a sustainable future for urban transport and we know AI can help solve some of the industry’s toughest problems. We look forward to seeing what today’s news in Oslo will mean for the future of micro mobility.”