ParkKing Enables Double Parking Detection

Recent graduates from the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Edward Chan Kam Fai, Gan Yi Reng, and Leow Tan Chun Kit, have created ParkKing, a smart outdoor parking system with double parking detection. “The Smart Parking with Automated Double Park Detection System” won the first prize under the Motorola Solutions Track and the Cyberview Design Challenge at the Innovate Malaysia Design Competition 2017.

Magnetic sensors are embedded in the ground and are used to detect cars nearby. Currently, existing smart parking technologies have the car detectors located in the center of the parking lot. “However, ParkKing will have its car detector sensor located 20 cm inside from the boundary of the parking lot. This is so that it can detect whether there is an available parking in the lot or there is a car double-parked outside,” explained Gan. “Next, there is a transceiver gateway installed at the lamp post which can connect up to 20 car detectors at parking lots. When it detects the presence of a car either in the parking lot or double-parked, it will send the data to the control server of the system.”

This smart parking system also enables cities and authorities to monitor parking problems:

“For the city council, we will provide an integrated parking monitoring system for them to know the parking status in real time,” said Chan. “There is a mobile app that is strictly for the council officer, which serves to receive any illegal parking notification from the server. It can directly lead the officer to that parking lot for summons or call for tow car services.”