Oxford’s International Community For Local Smart Grids Enables Shared Data and Collaboration

The International Community for Local Smart Grids (ICLSG) will announce its launch at COP 26. ICLSG is a global smart grid initiative founded by the University of Oxford, the UK distributor Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) Distribution, Australia’s Ausgrid, Japan’s TEPCO Power Grid, and the Enel Foundation in Italy. The goal of the initiative is to enable communities and distribution networks to share findings from innovation projects, facilitate discussions around challenges, and support a collaborative transition to a decarbonized future.

“Communities and distribution networks are the unsung heroes of the decarbonisation challenge. Most of the difficult challenges in decarbonising mobility, heating and increase cooling requirements are addressed by these groups,” says Professor Malcolm McCulloch of the University of Oxford’s Department of Engineering Science, leader of the initiative. “Oxford University is excited to be able to bring together a global partnership focused on sharing the learnings and best practices in providing a smart, resilient and just transition.”

Community energy groups will have a critical role in the partnership, guiding and informing discussions to ensure the challenges and opportunities discussed reflect actual experiences. The initiative plans to explore the relationship between communities and how they engage with smart grids in different geographies across the world.

Mr Antonio Cammisecra, Head of Enel Global Infrastructure and Networks and Enel Foundation Board Member, said,  “Reliable and flexible smart grids are key to accelerating the energy transition, as they play a central role in contributing to the decarbonization and electrification targets needed to achieve a net-zero future. To secure a fair transition, Distribution System Operators are transforming their infrastructure into inclusive and participatory platforms, fostering engagement and interaction with all stakeholders. Through Enel Foundation, research partner of the International Community for Local Smart Grids initiative, the Enel Group is proud to share its vision with distinguished international players, collaborating with them and sharing industry and regulatory best practices. Strong cooperation will be essential to unlock opportunities for communities and stakeholders who will play a more relevant role in the energy economy, in terms of innovative business models, services and shared value.”