Orlando Non-Profit Works With Software Developer On Interactive Digital Twin of City

Orlando, FL’s nonprofit community development corporation, the Orlando Economic Partnership is working with video game software developer Unity to develop a digital twin of its metro region. The digital twin will use new 3D technology that will allow users to incorporate real-time, interactive data that can help map out different scenarios of various events, including:  climate change, infrastructure, real estate, utilities, business development, and more.

“This is a project that will change the way we do business, and the way businesses immerse themselves in all Orlando has to offer,” said Tim Giuliani, Orlando Economic Partnership President and CEO.

Recent polls have predicted that over 500 cities are expected to deploy digital twins by the year 2025. As well as being a 3D model, a digital twin is a virtual representation of real-world objects, processes, behaviors and relationships. The twin is capable of  consolidating large volumes of many different data types – such as those provided by IoT sensors –  into context.

Orlando’s digital twin will map the entire 40-square-mile (~ 103 sq km) metro region. It is intended to be used by the city to carry out detailed municipal planning activities and by the Orlando Economic Partnership (OEP) as a model to demonstrate the region to potential investors. Different data sets provided by investors will allow companies, local governments, and nonprofits to visualize how their own plans will impact the region. The project is expected to cost between US$1-2 million.

“This digital twin represents the culmination of our world-class modeling and simulation companies, AR/VR/XR, defense and gaming industries,” said Tim Giuliani, Partnership president and CEO. “It’s time for our region to reap all the benefits a digital twin platform has to offer.”